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Poster: oh_uh_um_ah Date: Jul 20, 2009 9:04pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Micky Hart

I just watched my CBS News video With Walter Cronkite called "Celebrate Man On The Moon, with Walter Cronkite, hosted by Dan Rather". It was made in 1989.

Walter Cronkite and his side kick, some old fart that (thank god I can't remember his name) couldn't keep his big mouth shut talked and talked, while Neil Armstrong took the first step on the moon...they had to ask somone at NASA now known as ASS-A for recording over the original tapes of the moon landing...they had to ask "What did Neil say?" And then Walter continued to STEP ON the astronauts broadcast from the Moon...Let me point out the SIZE of Wally Corncakes was so "BIG" he thought everyone wanted to hear him talk, and not the FIRST MEN ON THE MOON IN THE HISTORY OF ALL MANKIND...holy shit...Walter you fucking jerk....I remember screaming SHUT UP WALTER WE WANT TO HEAR NEIL ON THE MOON, NOT YOU, WE HEAR YOU EVERY GOD DAMNED DAY, NIGHT AND DAY, WEEK AFTER WEEK, SHUT THE FUCK UP WALLY YOU ASSHOLE...I CAN'T HEAR WHAT THE HELL NEIL JUST SAID....YOU JERK-OFF DICKWEED!

But Walter kept on talking with his BIG NOSE monotone sounding if what he said was more important than what the astronauts said...he makes me sick...self absorbed, ego fucking maniac...he was NO EDWARD R. MURROW.

I am so glad NIXON was President when we landed on the Moon, Nixon had class, he went on the USS Hornet and greeted the first men on the moon back to earth. Nixon called them on the Phone and talked to the first men on the moon, and we all had NO PROBLEM hearing Nixon...then there was the PLAQUE with Nixon's signature on it that was left on the Moon by Neil and Buzz, and is still there to this day...July 20, 1969....

Walter Cronkite will be forever known as the News Anchor that couldn't shut the fuck up while Neil Armstrong said, "it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"....


Walter Cronkite

You poor dumb dead bastard.

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Poster: spacedface Date: Jul 20, 2009 9:57pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Micky Hart

Isn't it a pity.